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TF Andrew is partnering with Building for America’s Bravest to provide Dream Homes to catastrophically injured U.S. veterans. From ceramic tile to hardwood, vinyl, and everything in between, TF Andrew is the leading choice for the finest flooring products in Westchester. And now, TF Andrew is proudly installing all bathrooms in the smart home being constructed for injured veteran Sargent Bryan Dilberian.

Just over four years ago, Sargent Bryan Dilberian’s life stopped; or at least it should have, according to medical science. Bryan and his best friend, PFC Jimmy Waters, were struck in an IED explosion just following routine patrol. Jimmy was killed on the scene, and Bryan was left in near-death condition; losing both legs below the knee, his left arm, and experiencing extensive wounds on his face and neck. Despite these life-altering injuries, Sargent Dilberian feels grateful; it’s a miracle that he survived.

A natural-born fighter, Bryan was determined to achieve maximum mobility, given these substantial challenges. He persevered through physical and occupational therapy in order to strengthen his body to be ready for anything that life could possibly throw his way. He did not, however, recognize the drastic independence required simply to navigate his own home. Simple tasks such as turning on a movie or preparing dinner became obstacles, and Bryan knew he must find a way to overcome these as well.

Building for America’s Bravest is a program that builds Smart Homes for drastically injured United States war veterans returning home. Each home is custom designed to address the unique needs of each individual. Smart Homes are energy efficient, automated, and easily accessible, using adaptive technology to help even the most severely injured heroes live more independent lives.

TF Andrew’s partnership with Building for America’s Bravest will allow us to give back to the war heroes who give so much for our freedom. Displaying immense strength, and with the support of his family, Bryan has continued on with his life. He will soon be the proud recipient of a Smart Home, and looks forward to the increased self-reliance the Smart Home will allow him. It is our honor to support Bryan and provide him with the ground on which he will stand and begin a new chapter in his life.