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The days are still short and the temperature is still on the low side, which means people are using candles longer and wood burning fireplaces and stoves to supplement their heat. Great for energy savings, potentially dangerous without proper precautions. According to the National Fire Protection Association, an estimated 9,300 home structure fires are started by unattended candles and a whopping 19,500 home structure fires are started by fireplaces or chimneys.

The number one fire safety rule is to never leave a fire of any size unattended, but you can also choose household furnishings that will limit damage should a fire start.

Wool, for example, is naturally fire- and flame-resistant and an excellent choice for carpeting and rugs. Its low levels of flammability far surpass that of any other commonly used textile fibers because of its high nitrogen and water content. Wool is difficult to ignite, because of its very high ignition temperature; and even if it does ignite, it quickly self-extinguishes, meaning fire is less likely to spread. Wool also produces less smoke and fewer toxic fumes during combustion than synthetic fibers, lowering the incidents of fatal smoke inhalation, and when it does burn, there is no melting. Because of these natural burn tendencies, wool is a far better choice for carpets and rugs.

Stop in to our showrooms anytime to see our wide selection of wool carpeting from leading mills such as Karastan, Antrim, Stanton, and Unique.

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